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Ifang A. Akofu (Managing Attorney)

Ifang is a highly motivated attorney with a good knowledge of multi-state business regulations, corporate compliance, and business transactions. He is also skilled in drafting and negotiating commercial and business-related documents for sophisticated corporate transactions, including private placement memoranda and M&A agreements. He has experience in U.S. immigration law, including asylum, employment & family-based immigrant/non-immigrant visas as well as estate planning, guardianship, and personal injury.

Ifang graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. He also holds an LL.M degree from Georgia State University College of Law and an LL.B from the University of London.

Ifang is licensed in the State of Georgia and admitted to the Supreme Court of Georgia. He is also admitted to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. He is a member of the Atlanta Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


Dalilian Gutierrez, Of Counsel

Dalilian graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of Law with a Juris Doctor degree (cum laude) and is admitted to practice in the State of Florida. Prior to this, she attended Florida International University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations with minors in Criminal Justice and Political Science.

Ms. Gutierez is bilingual with a proficient ability in written and spoken Spanish. Being an immigrant herself, she upholds the American dream and understands the importance of legal support in navigating the immigration system. She has dedicated her life’s work to helping other immigrants obtain legal status so that they are one step closer to that American dream. Ms. Gutierez also has experience in personal injury, family law, and guardianship cases.


Karla Garcia, Of Counsel

Karla graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of law with a Juris Doctor degree. Prior to that, Ms. Garcia received her B.A. degree from Florida Atlantic University. During her time in law school, she participated in Immigration and Human Rights clinics, where she had firsthand experience in representing clients, as well as filing waivers and petitions. Ms. Garcia has a sound working knowledge in immigration law.

She also served as president of the Immigration Law Organization and as a member of the National Trial Association during law school. In the course of her participation, she represented her law school where she demonstrated exceptional advocacy skills. Karla has experience in other areas of law, but it is her passion in immigration law that has given her the most rewarding purpose in her career.

As a first-generation American (Mexican descent), Ms. Garcia understands the personal difficulties immigrants face trying to go against an incredibly complex immigration system overcome with bureaucratic and legal barriers. She is committed to helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their cases. Ms. Garcia is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and is fluent in Spanish.

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